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Glock Program

March 2017 we formed part of the Glock Premium Partnership Program, its a great honor for our family business to be part of this initiative.We have always looked to Glock in providing us with the best quality and most reliable handgun on the market, we're confident and assured that Glock will provide you with the optimum self defense assurance. Its for this reason that each member of our family only carries Glock pistols.   

Henn's Glocks

We introduced the Glock product line in the 1990's and since then our involvement and commitment towards this brand has grown significantly, we stock a wide array of the popular Glock pistols that are imported into South Africa. Below is a list of the models which sell the most at our establishment. Our prices range from R8500 to R12500, for more information please contact us directly at 0837885667.