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Simply by disseminating the latest crime statistics its apparent that security is a priority across South Africa whether it be home or business owners more people are turning towards securing their property and as a result spend a significant amount of capital on "up armoring" themselves. If you wish to read more about the crime statistics you can follow the links in the news section of this website. 

The easiest route for self defense is the less than lethal option, this means that a individual whom has the right to protect him or her self acquires measures that are seen as not lethal in nature such as pepper spray, paintball and any other means than is directed towards neutralizing a thread. We fully support this notion and as a result the company also caters for individuals that want to protect themselves without owning firearms. 

With the # movements sweeping across SA private security has turned to paintball as means of riot control and was widely covered in the media. Using paintball as a means of deterrent is very effective as some models can reach up to 450 feet per second which is a significant speed for a .68 cal projectile. 

We supply mostly Tippmann Sierra one's and Tippmann Chrono's. These are very cost effective and can be used for sport or self defense. Both types of markers run either on Co2 or Air. These paintball markers shoots a .68 cal projectiles called paintball balls which comes in various forms. For sport we use a ball filled with a biodegradable paint filling which acts as a marking agent. For self defense there are three types of balls, glass breakers, pepper balls and rubber balls. The glass breaker is a ceramic type ball that does not break on impact and can neutralize a threat. The pepper balls are very expensive though very 'potent', these balls are filled with a very strong concentrated pepper spray like substance which is very effective in dispersing crowds and come in a variety of strengthens. The rubber balls are mainly used for riot control.

The other popular choice is pepper spray, its the easiest to get hold of and by far the cheapest means of self defense. It is important to note that pepper spray is only designed to incapacitate a immediate threat for a short period of time and you will need to remove yourself from the situation, simply put "it buys you some time". Personally we don't recommend clients to use pepper spray in isolation, meaning its most effective when used as a initial "warning" thus making sure that you have other means to protect yourself if the situation escalates is important. 

We stock two types of pepper spray; Jet, which projects a thin concentrated spray up to 8 feet away and Fog, which projects a mist like wide spray over very short distances. 

The lachrymatory agent causes the irritating and pain symptoms that also temporarily blinds the intruder. The contents also contains inflammatory reagents that causes immediate swelling of the surrounding eye tissue. Capsaicin is the active ingredient in pepper spray.

The lethality of pepper spray is a debatable topic, in a study conducted by ACLU it was reported that on average 13 people die due to pepper spray in the US per year. However other factors play a role such as asthma and high levels of drugs in the system. The general public will take this opportunity to generalize and conclude that pepper spray is lethal. The evidence does not support this view.